DiffDrive  Learn to drive with Rob Hemingway, an independent driving instructor based near Ross-on-Wye. Its different and simple!

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Step 1 : Apply for your provisional driving licence.

(You can do this 3 months BEFORE your 17th birthday)

Step 2 : Start practicing for your theory test.

(Start as soon as you like. You must pass the theory test before you can book a driving test)

Step 3 : Choose a Driving Instructor (ADI)

Ask around! You need an instructor you can get on with, trust and who gives value for money. A good instructor is there to keep you safe, find the best way of teaching you and ensure that you become a good driver for life!

Step 4 : Book your first driving lesson (see guide opposite)

Don’t leave it until the day before; most instructors in the area are busy and will normally require 2/3 weeks notice. I generally need at least 3 months notice to ensure I can provide you with enough lessons whilst still maintaining a service to current pupils. (Note the first date you can have a lesson is your 17th birthday).

Step 5 : Practice both Theory and Driving

(Theory requires about 15 hours learning. Driving requires approximately 45 hours in the car driving!)

Step 6 : Book a theory test

(See Resources page)

Step 7 : Book a driving test

(See Resources page)


DiffDrive - A different driving experience

I have been teaching people to drive for almost four years now.  I trained with Red Driving School  and still use main of their  methods and practices. Since leaving Red in January 2013, I have expanded my experience, improved teaching materials, got a new car and been on 2 further training courses.


Booking a Driving Lesson:

I’ll need the following information in order to give you the best price and advice:


  1. Mobile phone number
  2. Address and/or post code
  3. School/college/place of work
  4. Date you wish to start
  5. Date you wish to pass your test (if known)
  6. Do you have your provisional driving licence?
  7. Have you already started to learn / had some lessons already?
  8. Have you started / passed your theory test
  9. Email address (this will be used to register you for free to my theory test practice website).
  10. Have you been recommended by someone?
  11. Would you like me to call, text or email to discuss further?


Driving Instruction Car

The main difference from yours, if you have one, is that an Instructor will normally have a dual controlled car and be fully insured for teaching. It will usually be fairly new and be fitted with additional mirrors.

I cover  an area around Ross-on-Wye bounded by the three closest test centres: Gloucester, Monmouth and Hereford. So if you live in Ross or the surrounding area, I can get to you easily.

Getting Started - A step by step guide